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Adult Fitness Program
The goal of our FAST  Fitness programs are to get you results the first time! Franco Athletic & Sports Training focuses on increasing functional movement to support the physical demands of everyday life.  You can expect to see results in these following key areas:

Individual Instruction

Individual and private group training is for those who prefer a private setting, flexible training hours or have specific program goals and needs. Programs can be designed to focus on weight loss, injury prevention, post-injury/surgical rehabilitation, or those looking to improve overall fitness levels. 
Private Group Instruction (2-3 per group) 

Don't want to train alone? Form your own group with your own fitness goals. Customized programs are created to improve performance by building strength and endurance, as well as identifying areas of weakness to help avoid the potential for injury.
Small Group Instruction

These 60 minute classes will help you take your fitness to the next level.  Every class is different, but all offer a combination of the following -- strength training, core development, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning.
*Cardiovascular Conditioning*        *Strength Gains*          *Flexibility Improvements*    

 *Neuromuscular Coordination*          *Injury Prevention*
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