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Why are Olympic weightlifting movements superior when it comes to sports performance and fitness training? Here a just a few reasons why.

Muscle Fiber Recruitment

Olympic weightlifting involves basically every muscle in the human body and this not only leads to a great workout but also teaches the body to fire all the muscle fibers at once. Neuromuscular recruitment patterns are just as important to athletic development as they are to everyday activities.  

Strength, Power and Movement Coordination

Efficient and coordinated movement patterns will provide increased performance in athletic movements such as sprinting, jumping, and change of direction skills.  Studies were conducted comparing various Olympic lifts (high pulls, power clean, and clean and jerk) to groups using vertical jump exercises (single and double leg hurdles hops, alternated single-leg hurdle hops, etc) for 8 week training cycles. While vertical jump exercises are important to sports performance conditioning, conclusions showed the Olympic weightlifting groups had significantly increased their 10 meter sprint speed and their standing jump over the groups using standard vertical jump exercises.  The strength and power gained from proper utilization of the Olympic lifts are unmatched when it comes to sports performance.

Injury Prevention and Safety

When you execute the Olympic lifts correctly, you will greatly reduce the chance of injury either in sport or in your recreational activities. Olympic lifting can be an excellent learning tool to help you improve your flexibility as well. Upper and lower body mobility and stability improve because of the demand for full ranges of motion at the joints. Full ranges of motion coupled with movement efficient mechanics lead to reductions in sports-related injuries (muscle pulls, strains, tendon and ligament damage, etc).  Olympic lifting has also been shown to help prevent Osteoporosis and increase bone mineral density. The high overloads of stress from Olympic weightlifting allow for calcium to be added more frequently to the bones which make them more resistant to fractures.


There are many reasons as to why people enjoy Olympic weightlifting. One reason could be the feeling you get when you just made a personal best lift. The adrenaline rush you get when you step up to the barbell and you move it effortlessly and the quickness you display to get underneath the bar are what keeps individuals wanting more. It may also be just the mastery and technical aspect of the lifts you enjoy. There is a certain satisfaction you get when you crack the code of how to coordinate each movement and position that is required to make a successful lift. Once you crack that code, the sky is the limit to what you may achieve in the sport!

Olympic Weightlifting
Level 1 Program

For new and beginning lifters to the program.  This program begins to dissect the proper movement patterns and positions necessary to achieve a SAFE and successful lift.  Every member must complete the Level 1 program to advance to the Level 2 program.
Level 2 Program

For lifters ready to take the next step with their training program.  Athletes must demonstrate adequate knowledge of proper movement positions and terminology.  This program starts to increase in intensity and begins to put more focus on the complete Olympic weightlifting movements.  Athletes must complete the Level 2 program to advance to the Level 3 program.​
Level 3 Program

Designed for advanced lifters.  The focus is primarily on the complete Olympic weightlifting movements and core lifts which will help increase their lifting totals.  Athletes also demonstrate advanced knowledge of proper training technique and movement positions.  In this program, the lifting intensity is at its highest, so prepare to be sore!
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Olympic Weightlifting Program
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Franco Athletic & Sports Training along with Portland Oregon Weightlifting (POW) have designed a 3-stage program which allows each athlete to move at an appropriate pace for their own learning. As they progress through each level, the intensity begins to increase and this is where strength and power are developed.