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Sports Performance Programs
Our Sports Performance programs are geared to provide the foundation for total athletic performance: flexibility, speed, agility, balance and stability, strength, power. Each age appropriate program is designed for athletes preparing for the upcoming season, gaining an advantage in the off season and keeping their skills sharp during the season.
Personal Instruction 
Athletes sometimes work better one on one. We can develop a program with maximum individual attention.  Athletes may choose to combine a small group instruction program with private training.
Small Group Instruction 
By working together in a group, athletes tap into the camaraderie and competiveness that drives results. The groups are small enough to maintain individual attention so that the progress of each athlete can be tracked closely.  This is one reason why FAST gets better results than anyone else!
Team Instruction 
Franco Athletic & Sports Training can work with your team to improve overall speed, power, agility, strength and conditioning.  With improvements in all sports-related movements, your team will become more athletic and less prone to injury.  We spend time listening to coaches as we identify the role of FAST in supporting your team's development.  
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